British Softbill Society Judges

The Softbill Society Judges Panel

We shall list here the panel of society judges that can be called upon to carry out the judging for British Softbill Sections in shows


The pre-requisites for a Softbill Society Judge are to be;

  • To be nominated by a member of the judges panel 

  • To have shown British Softbills succesfully at champion status for 2 years

  • To have stewarded Softbill sections under at least 3 Panel judges

  • To be agreed by the British Softbill Society Committee

Name                                          E Mail                                        Telephone


Bernard Howlett

Jason Jermy

Peter Jermy

Mark Milligan

Bob Partridge

Bob Hastie

Dave Henderson

Stephen Beadle

Bill Painter

Andrew Calvesbert

Stephen Dix

Keith Hillman

Alan Lythe

Nigel Higgins

Nigel Miller

Rob Windle

Robb Brown 

David Wettner

Craig Walker

Phil Linder