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Consultation On Captive Birds


The consultation summary of responses and Government response has been published as of 23rd March.  

Please take time to review




Scotland removes need for documentary evidence!


The 2014 General Licences for Scotland for the showing or sale of non-schedule birds have removed the need for documentary evidence of captive breeding! 

The English & Welsh versions of the licences however, still require documentation.

This of course just makes the law even more complicated with the differences & birds travelling across the borders for sales or shows!

My personal advice is to retain some documentary evidence & records of all birds you keep - as the onus is on the bird keeper to prove captive breeding, whether documentation is required or not by licences!


The Blackbird Man:

Image description
Image description

Bernard Howlett has now published his eagerly awaited book;

THE BLACKBIRD MAN - an Autobiography of an Aviculturist - it certainly sounds like it will be a good read from one of the countries top Softbill men!

 The book is available from Bernard directly