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British Bird Council

Founded in 1970. Essentially the Council exists to promote and further the hobby of keeping, breeding and exhibiting British birds in all its aspects, and to represent the Fancy at meetings with governmental agencies such as the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

DEFRA Approved supplier of closed rings


British Birds In Aviculture - 

The original British Bird discussion forum


National Council For Aviculture


International Ornithological Association
(Founder Member COM-UK)

DEFRA Approved supplier of closed rings

Eastern Federation Of British Bird Fanciers

Eastern Federation of British
Bird Fanciers was founded by Colin Clark in June 1972, the first shows staged by
the Eastern Fed, were hosted by Kings Lyn and Swaffham

 Staffordshire British Bird & Mule Club

National British

Bird & Mule Club